Makes me smile

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.

HSI is probably the most inspirational experiences that I have gone through so far in my life. Anyone would be lucky to be granted the opportunity to take part in this phenomenal experience. The atmosphere here is so warming; everyone here is here because they want to be making this such a positive place to be! I have made sooo many friends and soo many memories that I doubt I will ever forget until I’m old and senile and can’t even remember that the dishes go in the kitchen not in the closet of my guest bedroom. I can’t pick a favorite memory I did way too much and laughed way too much to pick a favorite, one that I most likely won’t forget is the morning my roommate fell asleep standing up after she turned off her alarm. Her and I still laugh about that.

“If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Growth of someone is not in body but in mind. I honestly can’t look at myself or others the same way. Everyone, including myself is unique everyone has their own background, but their background good or bad doesn’t defined them. Causing me to want to or desire to reach out to more people just to create new friendships!!

In my classes I have learned so much! In my multimedia class it just deepened my love for photography and has really heightened my awareness of the stupidity of others post online. Once online always online! I also was more enlightened me on how stereo-typed females, males and other groups are due to the exploitation of others online.

In my science class I was able to deepen my knowledge on local poverty and malnutrition as well as understand the depth of world hunger.


I try to multitask, but I’ll be honest I suck at it. Even trying to hold multiple conversations at once are rather difficult, when I focus on one thing that’s what I want to do really well, but when introduced to a couple of tasked that need to be done well, one of them will be accomplished well and the other project will be sub-par. Such as trying to type notes up while listening to a lecture, the distraction of maybe typing the wrong letter or the wrong word as you are trying to tediously listen to the notes given by the teacher.  Honestly even though writing notes out are known to be much better because you are hearing it, writing it, and reading it I still have a hard time following in class. My mind can’t keep up with the teachers information while I am still trying to write down the last note she gave us.

Now-a-days with Facebook and texting multitasking can be dangerous it leads to the possibility of cyber bullying. People will post in the middle of class and others may not agree on that opinion causing a large domino effect of self hurt and bullying.


Mooks and midriff the thought of being perfect. In the female and male eye there is and mostly likely always will be the ideology of the perfect appearance to others. Now-a-days we look at photo-shopped magazines, actors and actresses that pay an insanely large amount of money just to keep in good shape, and when put  in commercials and photos it’s still not actually them. Society has created a fake image for young men and young females. Muscular and skinny, masculinity and famine. And this is all due the reality tv channles such as MTV.

In the future I feel that MTV should actually focus on real life occurances and apperances instead of focusing on what should be.

Online Selling Out

(i missed the first half of the video but of what i saw) I find it rediculas how implusive some people are, you have a 13 year old boy trying to sustain his family by sponsoring, but in doing this he is being compleltly vial and crude for his age and for the fact of being of the male gender. I find that selling out online is very wrong, once online alwasy online. Dont explote yourself and potentially ruin your future by being stupid on the computer.


Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Bad news is generally never taken well, especially when you feel like its hitting home. Life’s not fair; it never has been and frankly never will be. Things are not in our hand, yes God gave us free will but he also gave us life He and only He only has the right to take it. To many such as I watching someone you care about slowly slip away SUCKS.

When they asked Christ, “Should we pay taxes?” Christ responded with, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s but give to God, what is God’s.” God gave us life and someday we must all give it back to him. It is our faith and belief in being moral and good that allows us to be accepted. Otherwise, that is why they say, there will be hell to pay.

Recently I was given so tragic news, my inspiration, the reason why I feel the desire to help, and the reason why something I never thought about become a passion. Dallin Gunter, my 8 year old neighbor was diagnosed with two different forms of brain cancer. It was believed to clear up but this past Sunday he had and episode. His family as well as many others, such as my family, was informed that he merely had up to 2 months at best. Knowing the family before he was born is a blur I was really young but I remember the fun. Honestly he felt like another little brother.

I remember my mother first telling me that he was diagnosed with the cancers, I was devastated, but not as much as I was when I saw him after his first procedure. I went to my mom and literally bawled I remember mumbling it’s not fair, it’s so hard to see him like this. Days after I realized I’m just an observe not a direct family member, imagine how they feel. But I also felt so incredibly petty, I wanted to help but there was literally nothing I could do; I am not educated, I am young, and not family. That’s when I knew what I AM going to pursue being a successful doctor in pediatric oncology, I am going to do something so I can help, so no one else has to suffer this much. Even with this occurring tragedy I am even more persuaded to more than full heartedly become an extremely successful doctor in pediatric oncology.

Yes, I hurt and that’s because I don’t want to watch someone so young so amazing suffer, and lose something so precious, life.

Imagine this: tall but not too tall, blond hair with a little long then shoulder length, skinny but not anorexic, muscular not creepy though, blue eyes, and flawless skin. This too many young teenagers are almost the perfect girl, but what dangers does this bring to reality when a teenage girl knows she doesn’t look like this but tries.

Every day in America more and more teenagers of both genders are losing there since of self-respect due to the idolized fantasy of what everyone should look like.

I will admit i am as well as fault of a low self-esteem when analyzing what i believe i should or what i want to look like.

I see the blond hair, and I’m like I can bleach mine. I see the skinniness and I’m like I can work out more. I look at amazing make up tips and I’m like I can do that. The issue is that a large majority of others feel the same way, but they go to much further such as starving them self’s, wearing a pound of makeup, and a multitude of many other dangerous procedure that “kill” one’s body.

Around the 17th century only male wore make up, and that was due to the extracurricular activities that they participated in such as acting. Eventually the male’s minds slowly evolved and thought that’s not wear this, and now is a LARGE quantity of females that wear makeup. To solve the issue with societal standards, why not just stop wearing makeup. In the long run if everyone did it then it would be considered weird to even wear it. I’m not saying as a whole it will be as simple as removing make up products but just simply changing/opening up one’s mind to accepting who we are for who we really are not who we think others think we should be.


This last year I participated in ACADECA, in this class we are testing and studying 10 different topics. One of these topics includes speech and interview. I never have really had an issue with asking the questions from the interviewer, it’s almost natural it’s simply one person asking question to elaborate on their understanding of a certain event that has occurred in our own life. The part of the interviewing process that was a little off for me was the interviewing. I’m not really the kind of person to ask question on one continuous topic. I learned that being the interviewer is rather easy and should come as natural as being the person who is being interviewed. Learning the basic interview skills is rather essential due to the fact my first interview was for a job, going into the interview I was completely nervous I knew not what to say nor how to act.


The purpose of this blog is to become my journal, to express myself better in the things I have experience and the things I am hoping to experience. I’m hoping to open up the eyes of my peers to become more understanding to the possibilities of extremely diverse backgrounds, as well as introduce my experiences to showcase why I am who I am, and why I am so strong-headed on a multitude of topics.
My name is Arrayia Charmane Birkle, I was born April 6, 1998 in Rocksprings Wyoming. I am currently living in Wheatland Wyoming, attending Wheatland High School. I am the middle child of a family of five, an old sister Sahala McMartin and a younger brother Aschdon Birkle. Sahala recently graduated high school and will be attending Casper Community College to obtain a bachelors in nursing. Aschdon will be attending the high school as a sophomore next year. My mother Kenya is currently working on her last couple of credit for obtaining her masters ins cardiovascular nursing. She started school off in the honors program at LCCC and while working on her masters she has and the ability to become part of a surplus a sororities. As well as in her first month of working in Casper at Wyoming Medical Center she was employee of the month and eventually named charge nurse of her entire floor. Right now we are facing the complexity of the contemplation of moving due to a quantity of job offers she has had, including a professor and Texas University, other university and outreach programs. My father Richard is a self-taught electrical engineer, he works for Britz & Com. he is the travel engineer and when his boss retires, within the next couple of years, he might have the opportunity to inherit the company. As for myself I would not consider my self extraordinarily successful in academics or sports, but I am involved and dedicated. I played volleyball since the second grade, this last year I unfortunately lost the opportunity to further participate due to injury. I use to participate in basketball until injury, and currently I am trying to gain the ability/permission to compete on the swim team at Douglas High School. This next year I will be taking 5-6 college credit classes; biology 2, spanish 3, college trig, college algebra, life time sports, and a phycology corse. I also will be obtained two jobs as a life guard and a Dietary Assistant (only work at grandmas land in the summer).
My family has a diverse background, including high levels of education (mother), military (grandpa’s, uncle), as well as struggles to find ones self. My brother has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) he has had his struggles but by watching him I feel pathetic. He has been wheel chair bout since I know not(my whole life it seems). I complain about everything when I am tired, and yet he struggles just to told his head up, pick up a pencil, turn a page, move his are. Even though I will admit that I have a hard to staying motivated and full heart energetic towards many activities when I stop and think about it I feel stupid. I in all honesty have it pretty easy.

Brining me to what I aspire to do, a doctor in pediatric oncology. This is due to an abundance of devastation that occurred all at once. My 2 great grandfathers passed away due to lung and prostate cancer, my aunt was diagnosed with brest cancer, my sister and mother had a scare, and lastly my neighbors six-year-old boy was diagnosed with two different forms of brain cancer. I remember the first time I saw him after his operation, I literally looked at him and just cried. I just couldn’t help but think how can all of this happen to some soo young. All I wanted to do was help but there was nothing I could do, I was helpless to a situation I knew almost nothing. I wanted to so badly so so so badly! My decision was made I was no longer going to pursue my life desire of becoming a marine biologist through the coast guard academy, I was going to help, I was going to become a pediatric oncology doctor.

Banning Books

And Tango Makes Three

This book entails a story of to homosexual penguins that are given the chance to rise their own egg in Central Park Zoo. I personally would never let my elementary kid read this book, the content is simplistic, but the content also includes a large influence of sexuality. As a child growing up in elementary school no really knows their sexual orientation. I believe that having a young child read this book would slightly influence their sexual orientation, just as if they were to watch or read a story of heterosexual partners. Honestly I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, people can love who ever they want all I request is that they don’t try to influence me or someone I care about sexual orientation.

I STRONGLY agree the ban was completely appropriate for this age group, it is rather clear that this book was intended for the young due to the simplicity of the vocabulary and the fact it was a picture book. On the contrary a complete ban on the book is a little extensive, an adolescent my age on the other hand would be completely fine. Even moral judgment and parent censorship should take place.

The only book I believe that I have read on the ban book is the Hungar Game trilogy. Honestly I have the hardest time finishing a book I feel like I have a hard time to keep my attention focused on one book at a time.